will be available. The continuation,of  the CD released in May 2013, is very unique with special guests. The young EDB artist "Exile di Brave" known for his Roots reggae hits like "Hungry" or the "Rock them Riddim" participate with the song "Seeds, where we come from". Easton Clarke aka original Singer Jay who starts to record his first songs  in the studio of Lee Scratch Perry, winner of the "Jamaican festival song" contest 1988 and who places with "The Bike no license"N.1  in 1975  In the Jamaican charts sings together  with  Falkonection the song "Smile". Toolman, the dancehall specialist from Uganda combinate his amazing voice in the song "Strong like a Lion". Baba the Fayahstudent, Raggamuffin singer from Switzerland participate in the song "Traigo amor" and the dancehall rap singer 2maek from Germany sings with the singer Malihe from Iran on the fastest song of the album "Fata Morgana". The backings on the album were singed by Tabea Thomasche, founder of the nonprofit project "Dominiño". All together, with Falkonection create a musical work thatall  Reggae fans should like .

As with the first EP, all the instruments were produced by BXTRAXX and Stonerock Productions, so the simply high-quality sound that enjoy artist like Uwe Banton, Black Dillinger, Ganjaman & Jr. Randy progress all over the projekt. Look forward for the release, we hope you enjoy it and celebrate it as much as we do.




Falkonection el Amansador: www.facebook.com/falkonection
Exile di Brave: www.facebook.com/exiledibrave
Easton Clarke: www.facebook.com/Easton-Clarke-Original-Singer-Jay-The-High-Priest-245695674177
Toolman: www.facebook.com/LugaRaggaSpecialist
Baba the Fayastudent: www.facebook.com/BabaTheFayahstudent
2maek: www.facebook.com/2maek
Riddims by: www.soundcloud.com/bxtraxxwww.soundcloud.com/stonerockproductions
Toolman: www.facebook.com/LugaRaggaSpecialist
Baba the Fayastudent: www.facebook.com/BabaTheFayahstudent
Snippet mixed by DJ BELTSAZAR Colombia: www.facebook.com/DJ.BELTSAZAR



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